Be a part of history! Er, okay, just Joshua Wake’s history…

Hello friends, sponsors, and fans,


Today we launched a IndieGOGO campaign to fund the creation of a professional music LP. Here’s the link:

If you think this crazy kid has a chance — or want to show your support — we’d appreciate any backing you could provide.

All funds raised go 100% to deductible business expenses… not padding my Jeep Liberty with fat stacks of cash ;-). Click through to learn more about my music and this LP!

Important points:

  • Yes, anything you decide do gift DOES count as birthday/Christmas/anniversary gifts from here to eternity and Josh’s birthday is coming up in June 😉
  • Yes you ARE awesome for reading this whole post!
  • If you can’t or don’t want to contribute, keep your karma points by PASSING THIS ON to a friend or two!
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